About Us

About Us

DigsFact uses Data & Analytics to show insights on property condition, historical information and trend & patterns across various regions regarding where contractors or property owners are spending more money on renovations, upgrades or even new constructions.

DigsFact contains information on both, residential and commercial buildings, which is valuable for an array of users listed below:

Home-buyers and buyers of commercial properties now have access to any prior work done on residential/commercial properties in the past, such as when was the roof replaced, or when was the HVAC unit replaced or when was the property last renovated/upgraded, etc.

Real Estate Investors can see insights on property condition and historical information of any residential/commercial property. They can also see a Heat map of areas across the nation, states or cities to see trends/patterns in investments being made to renovate/upgrade or build new properties.

Home-sellers and sellers of commercial property benefit as potential buyers are now more informed about the investments sellers have made to renovate/upgrade their houses/commercial properties.

Real estate agents, who are in the center of the action during sale of any property, can now provide valuable insights to the potential buyers. Additionally, Realtors will gain some of the crucial data-points to advise sellers on the right listing price.

Lenders & appraisers have access to data-points regarding the improvements or investments made by the property owner, when were those investments made, the estimated value of those investments, etc. More data means more accurate assessment of the property value.

Insurance companies now have information regarding property condition and historical information, which helps them calculate more accurate premium for the property, which allows them to reduce risk and improve their combined ratio (profit margin).

Home Warranty companies now have access to data regarding what HVAC, appliance, plumbing or other type work has happened in the past, to provide more accurate coverage quote.

Home inspection companies now have access to data regarding property’s condition or historical information, which will come handy during their inspection.

New York, NY
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Seattle, WA
Orlando, FL
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Naperville, IL
Montgomery County, MD
Washington, D.C.
Cary, NC
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cincinnati, OH
Buffalo, NY
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Mesa, Arizona
Detroit, Michigan
Douglas County, Colorado
Nashville, TN
Deschutes County, Oregon
Alameda, California
Lone Tree, Colorado
Evanston, IL
County of Monterey, California
El Paso, Texas
Asheville, NC
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Salt Lake City, UTAH
Chattanooga, TN
Tigard, Oregon
St Louis County, Missouri
West Springfield, MA
Work in progress...
King County, Washington
Lexington, KY
Concord, CA

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