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Your Own Personal Robot


“You had me at hello” – From Insurance Carriers to Property Restoration Companies, Independent Adjusters (IAs) and Third Party Adjusters (TPAs) to Home Improvement Professionals, we can help you be the brand that every customer falls in love with.

Estimate Property Claims, Repair and Restoration Jobs in Minutes!

Step 1: Create a New Case

Create a new Case ID by logging into our secure portal and share it with the customer via email or text. We automatically generate a 4-digit verification code associated with the Case ID and share it with the customer along with the Case ID.


Step 2: Customer Takes a Photo Using a Phone or Tablet

Customer can either use your enterprise app (integration needed) or our mobile app or they can avoid downloading an app altogether and simply tap on a link that you can text or email them, to take the photo of the area of interest and / or create a sketch of the room / property, which can be submitted using the Case ID and 4-digit verification code.

Step 3: Take Measurements; Estimate Claims or Repair / Renovation Projects in Real-Time.

The photo / sketch submitted by the customer is available to you in real-time. You can pull up photo (s) of the area of interest and / or sketch of the room / property by going to the “Gallery” section in your portal and take measurements, view surface areas and square footage, analyze sketches, etc.


Higher Productivity

Eliminate the need for an in-person visit with DigsFact when you need to take measurements of cabinets, walls, floors, doors, windows, etc., or to create a sketch of room(s), apartment, office space, etc.


Reduce Cost

Average cost to estimate each claim or a repair / renovation project is over $350 and the average time it takes to estimate is approximately one week. With DigsFact®, you can cut both by over 90%


Residential & Commercial

Our patent-pending technology can be used for residential as well as commercial properties.



Interior & Exterior

DF Measure works equally well with the property exterior, as it does with the interior.




Real-Time Analysis

The photos and sketches are available on our secure portal as soon as the homeowner submits them. Have your desk adjusters or home improvement contractors do a video call with the homeowner to get measurements from photos & analyze property sketches in real-time via our portal.


Customer Experience

Customers love it when you can provide them with the estimate for a property claim or a repair/remodeling project within minutes of connecting with them. For P&C insurers, it also means you can offer same-day checks to your policyholders.

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